Five Lucky Plants That Bring Good Health, Fortune, And Prosperity

Plants in our home can help elevate our mood and enhance the quality of air, and those are two serious wins.

Feng Shui patronizes the concept of keeping plants at homes to dial up the prosperous vibes. There?s no need to fret if you are new to exploring the wonders of this innocuous concept. The best part of keeping lucky plants is that most of them are low-maintenance, implying you barely need to spend a penny to reap their benefits. (You only need a watering can)

Learn more about what plants should you bring home to usher in the vibes of positive energy and abundance to your space.

Pachira Money Tree: Attracts wealth

As per Feng Shui, the Pachira money tree is believed to bring good luck and channel wealth. Legend has it that a poor Taiwanese farmer prayed for abundance and found this plant. Considering it a good omen, he sold them to make money and got wealthy. Money trees are braided together to channelize the luck to your sweet abode. It is advised to get a plant with leaves that have five or more fingers to be lucky.

Lucky Bamboo: Channels harmony and peace

The Lucky Bamboo is said to channel harmony within the five key elements of Feng Shui – Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal, and Water, thereby nurturing and harbouring positive energies. So, try to invest in the lucky bamboo plant for your home. The arrangement of the plant also determines the attraction of fortune, peace, luck, health, and love. It is best if you place this plant in the eastern corner of your house to focus on the prosperity of your family and wealth.

Jade Plant: Attracts success

This succulent plant with round leaves is a door to success and abundant prosperity. Jade plants are traditionally gifted to business owners because it has the ability to attract wealth and success. The ideal location for this medium-sized plant is the entrance of your house and will be favourable to homeowners.

Snake Plant: Cleanses the air, eliminating toxins

The snake plant is deemed to harbour good luck as it helps cleanse the air by absorbing the poisonous gases and eliminating toxins. It effectively releases protective energy and can shield your family from negative energies.

Rubber Plant: Fosters wealth and remove toxins

This plant is primarily known for its auspiciousness and austerity in terms of harbouring wealth. You can place this plant in any spot and reap the benefits. The round leaves of the plant are symbolic of prosperity and money in Feng Shui. When placed indoors, the plant fosters abundance, fortune, and wealth.

As per Feng Shui, any tropical plant can eliminate toxins from the air and stimulate prosperity, peace, and positivity.

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