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Are you looking for a way to transform your garden into a beautiful and relaxing space? Look no further than Hygrinz! Our expert team offers a wide range of professional gardening services to help you get the best out of your garden.  Call us today!

Our Services

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Let's Make Your Garden Beautiful And Green!
Garden Maintenance
Weed Removal
Pruning and Trimming
Pest Control
Lawn Fertilizing
Repotting Plants
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We believe that a beautiful garden design enhances the beauty of your home, from the first sight to the last. We offer a wide range of garden designs according to the style of your home and also according to your budget. Let our professional team take care of your garden decoration and make it look great and beautiful.

Drip Irrigation

We provide Automatic Plant Watering System, it’s a system which water plants on daily basis at proper time. This system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants. It also automatically water plants when you are in vacation and other personal activities. So this system will be a perfect choice for  people who wants to save their time from watering plants. 
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Vertical Gardening

Vertical garden designs are created to fit any space, accommodating a variety of different growing styles. There is no need to worry about the size or dimensions because our designs can be customized to fit your space so that you can enjoy the beauty of your vertical garden. We provide you the best quality vertical garden service at an affordable price. 

Let us make gardening easy for you.

Hygrinz help you get the best out of your garden

We specialize in providing high-quality urban gardening services to both residential and commercial properties in Bangalore. Our team of expert gardeners is passionate about creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that enhance the quality of life for our clients.

We understand the unique challenges of urban gardening and work closely with our clients to design and implement customized solutions that meet their specific needs. Whether you’re looking to create a small vegetable garden on your balcony or transform a rooftop space into a lush oasis, our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

For our residential clients, we offer a range of services including balcony and terrace gardening, vertical gardens, and garden maintenance. We work with you to create a design that complements your home and suits your lifestyle, and we provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your garden stays healthy and vibrant.

For our commercial clients, we offer a range of services including green roofs, living walls, and indoor plantscaping. We understand the important role that greenery plays in creating a welcoming and productive workspace, and we work closely with our clients to design and implement customized solutions that meet their unique needs.

At  hygrinz, we are committed to using environmentally-friendly practices and products in all of our projects. We believe that by creating beautiful and sustainable outdoor spaces, we can help make Bangalore a greener and more livable city for everyone. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.

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suresh kumar vsk
suresh kumar vsk
Best gardening service you can find in bangalore. Highly recommended.
Sindhu Gairu
Sindhu Gairu
Genuine and responsive ......got vegetable garden done from them..work is satisfactory...
sunitha singh
sunitha singh
Gardener did very good job . good response for calls from Hygriyz.
Raghu Nandan
Raghu Nandan
Value for money and great customer support 👍
Raju S
Raju S
Good for money ,good quality and on-time

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